Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Week 37 - May 27 - 31

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I hope that everyone had an enjoyable and safe long weekend! It was nice to have decent weather and be able to get out for a bit. We are in for the home stretch now and need extra patience to get through. I know it's a busy time of year for everyone but it really helps if your child is getting plenty of sleep. I know that I'm trying to for myself!

Wednesday and Thursday- I will be out for training both of these days. I let the kids know ahead of time and we talked about challenges of having a guest teacher this time of year. Please remind your child of appropriate behavior. It will be helpful to check in with your child on Wednesday to find out how things are going.

Field Day! This Friday, May 31, if Field Day! Please send your child with appropriate clothes, shoes, refillable water bottle, and sun screen for the day. Students should not share sun screen due to possible allergies.

Math - We are reviewing much of what we have worked on throughout the year as well as finishing the Unit 8. If your child does not have homework, he or she should work on anything that they did not feel secure on. Khan Academy is a great resource for explanations and practice of math work.

Research reports - Students should be wrapping up their interest research reports. This was done all in school. The students are doing these in Google Docs so if you are interested, you could have them open it at home and share it with you.

Baby pictures - Thank you for everyone who has sent in baby pictures already. They are so adorable!! Please email me the baby/toddler picture as a .jpg. You can also send in an actual picture that I can scan and send back the same day.

Field trips - Thank you to all of you!! I have every field trip form signed and turned in! That was fast and great work. If you have not sent in the $6 for Buhr Pool, please do so soon. If you are unable to do this, please contact me privately or send in a note with your child. All student costs will be covered. Also, if your child will need a cold lunch from school on either June 10 or June 11 due to the field trips, the lunch lady needs to know by Friday, May 31.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Week 35 - May 13 - 17

Math: We are completing Unit 7 and will be taking the unit assessment on Tuesday, May 14. Your child has had ample opportunity to complete work in the math journal. I also offer extra support during every lunch time. I will be encouraging your child to take home his or her math journal to review or practice any work before Tuesday.

NWEA: Our schedule for the last round of testing is in place. We will be taking the final NWEA math test on Tuesday, May 21 at 9am. We will be taking the final NWEA reading test on Thursday, May 23.

End of the year: It's difficult to believe we have to plan for this already! You will be seeing 3 field trip forms come home. The very last week of school we will be taking trips. We try to get these signed and turned in early so that the office staff has an opportunity to get everything in order ahead of time.

Summer opportunities: If you feel like your child could benefit from additional help this summer, here is one opportunity available. The link will take you to more information that may help you know if it's a good fit for your child.

CAN - summer camps

Baby pictures! At the end of the year we have a slide show that shows each student as a baby or toddler. Please send me a .jpg of your child. If it is easier, you can send in the actual picture of your child. I can scan the picture and send it back that same day. Be sure to get the ok from your child on the picture you choose to use! Below is a picture of my two! Thank you to the parents who have already sent this in.

Ice Cream Social: If you have an opportunity to volunteer, please do so! Pattengill has Lunch with a Loved One on Wednesday, May 15. You can purchase Ice Cream Social tickets on that day if you'd like. The following is from the PTO:

Ice Cream Social is our big event coming up Friday 5/17 at Pattengill 6:00pm - 8:30pm, rain or shine. We receive great support from of local high school volunteers, but could really use a few more hands on deck from within the community.  We have 1 hour slots available to enable one to be able to enjoy the event as well as pitch in a little time. We also have pre and post event needs in way of set up/clean up.  Please consider donating a little time to help this huge commUNITY and FUNdraising event run smooth. 

The best way to sign up is online at ICS Volunteer Form. If you have any questions please contact Nancy Fulcher or Janelle Johnson"

Thanks to all and looking forward to seeing you there!

Your Pattengill PTO.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Week 32: April 22 - 26

Earth Day!
Here are a few pictures from our Earth Day work! The kids walked the perimeter of the playground and cleaned up trash and yard waste. They worked together well and I'm really proud of their work. In the next week or so we will have some daisies and day lilies to plant outside of the library. I will let your child know when this is going to happen in case he or she is interested in helping with this.

Most students have one more test to take. We will be taking the ELA (English language arts) test on Tuesday, April 23. It will take us most of the morning and into the afternoon for this. The students will continue to have breaks during this long test. Please send in water and a snack if possible. We have been rationing our snacks to make sure we have some for our last test! 

We have started our final informational writing unit. The students were given many options and chose a topic of high interest to them. The students were given graphic organizers to begin refining their ideas and searches. They should be looking for information on Newsela (an online news site) as well as other online reliable sources. The students will be grouped with others in their reading class that are researching the same topic. This will allow them to get small group help, read common articles, and have discussions about their topic before writing. We are using interest based groups as opposed to reading level groups for this time period. 

We are on Unit 7 in our Everyday Math. We will be working on geometry, multiplying mixed numbers, and graphs. If your child is having difficulty with any of this, I am almost always available at lunch time to give students extra help or explanations. 

Tappan transition day
We will be going to Tappan on Wednesday, May 1. We will leave the school at 11:15am and return at 2:45pm. Because of the time, we will be eating an early lunch at 10:45am. Students should still bring their instruments that day. 

Monday, April 1, 2019

Week 29: April 1 - 5

 Kensington Metropark - This is one of the trips I took over break. If you've never gone and fed the birds, I highly recommend it! It's pretty fun and it's early enough in the season that they are still willing to land for a free feeding! I hope that you and your family enjoyed your time away from school too!

Fifth graders across Michigan will be starting the M-STEP next week. Below is the schedule for our class. Please try to be sure that your child gets a good night's sleep and has a water bottle. If you can send in a snack for your child (or for the class) to have during test breaks, that would also be great. The testing is long and we will take breaks during the time. The breaks are an opportunity for the students to get up and move, eat a quick snack, and/or drink water. Please let me know if you have any questions. If your child is sick or has to miss any of the testing times for our class, he or she will have an opportunity to make up the test at a later date. 

Tuesday 4/9/19
Math: 9:15 - 11:15
Math: 1:30 - 2:30

Thursday 4/11/19
Social Studies Part 1: 9:30 - 10:30
Social Studies Part 2: 1:30 - 2:30

Wednesday 4/17/19
ELA: 9:15 - 11:15
ELA: 1:30 - 2:30

Tuesday 4/23/19
Science Part 1: 9:30 - 10:30
Science Part 2: 1:30 - 2:30

Monday, March 18, 2019

Week 27: March 18 - 22

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Wacky Week:
Monday - Beach Day
Tuesday - Costume/Book Character Day (no weapons/scary/etc)
Wednesday - Wacky Hair Day
Thursday - Career Day
Friday - PJ and small stuffed animal day (no slippers)

Tappan Middle School:
Thank you for getting the Tappan forms in on time! It's hard to believe that it's already time to plan for middle school! If you were one of the families that did not get the form turned in, I will fill it out as best as I can with your child. You may get a call from Tappan because the form will not have a parent signature.

Scarlett Middle School/IB:
If you are interested in learning about the IB program at Scarlett, there is an informational meeting Monday, March 18th from 6-7:45pm at Scarlett (3300 Lorraine St.). You and your child will have an opportunity to meet current students, tour the building, find out about clubs and sports, and learn what an International Baccalaureate middle school is all about. 

The students are continuing to study the impact of zebra mussels on our fresh water. We had the opportunity to have a speaker come in from the University of Michigan and speak with the students about this. They are now writing letters to a local representative about the impact and how we can work to solve the growing issue. 
Dr. Denef

We are starting Unit 6. There will be a focus on multiplying and dividing decimals, measuring volumes, and working with data in line plots. You should have gotten a parent letter about this unit. 

Spring Break:
I hope you have a great spring break! We are off March 25 - 29.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Week 25 - March 4-8

Image result for zebra mussels Science - 
Do you know what these little creatures are? Your student should! We are studying zebra mussels and how they have become an invasive species in the great lakes. On Tuesday, March 5, there will be a guest speaker coming to talk with the class. He is a specialist in this area and the students should have much to talk about at home!

Read-A-Thon - The read-a-thon has begun! We already have students who have read enough over the weekend to earn a bronze medal. Your child should be reading every night for 20-30 minutes which is enough to turn in one ticket each day. This is a class goal to have the most time recorded reading of the fifth grades (Ok, Mrs. Embry's a bit competitive!) and it would be great if everyone worked on this common goal.

Math - We are continuing to work on Unit 5 in the math journal. Students are solving "fraction of" problems. They have learned the algorithm but should also be able to explain with words or a drawing what that type of problem means. Below is an example of this type of problem.

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Student teacher - Ms. Walker - Just a reminder that Ms. Walker is doing her lead teaching over the next 3 weeks. I will continue to support her while also giving her more independent time with the students.

Summer Learning Institute - Some students would benefit from attending SLI during the summer in order to be prepared for middle school. I will be contacting some parents about this. If you think your child would benefit from this extra support in the summer, please contact me.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Week 24 - February 25 - March 1

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I hope everyone made it through the windy Sunday that we had! This weather has made it difficult to figure out how to dress for school. Please continue to send warm clothes for your child to wear at recess time.

Science Fair - Congratulations to all of the students who successfully completed their science fair projects! The students did a great job presenting them to the class first. I will continue to give opportunities for the students to get up and speak in front of the class. This is an important skill to have.

Reading/Lexia - We are beginning our fantasy genre study in reading. Students will be reading fantasy for their guided reading books. Each student should have at least one additional book that he or she is reading independently.  This independent reading is critical for a student to improve as a reader.
We have entered the Core 5/Lexia contest! Students should be working to reach their weekly goal in Lexia. If your child is not able to complete this in school, it is something that can be done at home! This is an online reading/word study support at your child's level. Some students have tested out of Level 18 and no longer need to complete this.

Wednesday, February 28 - Early release! This Wednesday is an early release day. Students will still eat lunch at school. School is out at 1:29pm.

Read - A - Thon - This begins on Friday, March 1. Please look for information about this on Friday.