Monday, April 22, 2019

Week 32: April 22 - 26

Earth Day!
Here are a few pictures from our Earth Day work! The kids walked the perimeter of the playground and cleaned up trash and yard waste. They worked together well and I'm really proud of their work. In the next week or so we will have some daisies and day lilies to plant outside of the library. I will let your child know when this is going to happen in case he or she is interested in helping with this.

Most students have one more test to take. We will be taking the ELA (English language arts) test on Tuesday, April 23. It will take us most of the morning and into the afternoon for this. The students will continue to have breaks during this long test. Please send in water and a snack if possible. We have been rationing our snacks to make sure we have some for our last test! 

We have started our final informational writing unit. The students were given many options and chose a topic of high interest to them. The students were given graphic organizers to begin refining their ideas and searches. They should be looking for information on Newsela (an online news site) as well as other online reliable sources. The students will be grouped with others in their reading class that are researching the same topic. This will allow them to get small group help, read common articles, and have discussions about their topic before writing. We are using interest based groups as opposed to reading level groups for this time period. 

We are on Unit 7 in our Everyday Math. We will be working on geometry, multiplying mixed numbers, and graphs. If your child is having difficulty with any of this, I am almost always available at lunch time to give students extra help or explanations. 

Tappan transition day
We will be going to Tappan on Wednesday, May 1. We will leave the school at 11:15am and return at 2:45pm. Because of the time, we will be eating an early lunch at 10:45am. Students should still bring their instruments that day.