Monday, December 18, 2017

Week 16 - December 18 - 22

Winter Weather - It has finally arrived! I was out of the building for a meeting last week during the early release day. According to my sub and my student teacher the students did well with leaving early. Hopefully that won't be something that we have to do again. Just in case, please make sure your child (and the office) knows where they are to go should we have another early release due to weather issues.

Please continue to send your child in with appropriate winter weather clothing. We will be going outside unless the temperature is so low that it is not allowed. The students are also allowed to sled on the hill during class recess. Snow pants are encouraged to eliminate soaking wet pants! Please let me or someone in the school know if your child is in need of some winter gear.

Winter Survival - We will be going on Winter Survival on Friday, January 12, 2018. That is the Friday that we get back from vacation! This week the students will be getting into groups and planning their meals. Each student will be responsible for bringing in food or other items for the entire group. I check in with the groups to make sure that they are trying to bring in equal amounts of items. You will see the list before break so that you have an opportunity to get whatever is needed. If you are unable to get what your child volunteers for, please let your child know so that their group can plan accordingly. There will be a field trip form coming soon as well. We encourage the students to be creative with the foods that they bring. Here are a couple of examples from last year!

Image result for winter break comicsScience fair - This has been a required assignment for fifth graders for many years. We spent a lot of time earlier in the year discussing the difference between a model/report vs. an experiment. Fifth graders should be conducting an experiment and presenting that. The students in my class are allowed to work with someone else in the class (groups should be no more than 3) or work with someone in Mr. Hatt's class. The packet went
home the week before last and there is one page that should be filled out and returned. We will not be discussing this until Wednesday so the students have an extension on the Dec. 20th due date if they need it.

Math - We are wrapping up Unit 3 - fractions! We will take a review test on Tuesday to make sure that all the students feel secure with the different parts. We will go over this and then take the final test on Thursday. If there is any area of this that your child feels that they need more practice, Khan Academy is always an option. There are many online practice options that you can find.
Many students are also finishing up their Xtramath. This was a PLP for many students. If your child has not finished multiplication, Xtramath should be practiced at least 5 times per week. Most students are expected to know the multiplication facts through 10 by this point of fifth grade. Here is another site that students can practice their multiplication facts: Ascend math

Reading - We are wrapping up the text structure study. Students should be able to explain the differences between all of the structures and how they help a reader understand the text. Please encourage your child to continue to read throughout the 2 week vacation. You can ask questions such as

  • Who are the main characters?
  • Why did the characters do what they did?
  • What would you have done if you were in the same position?
  • Did you make any predictions? Were they accurate?
We encourage the students to talk about what the story is about but also what they thought about the book.

Class celebration - We are making decisions on a class party for this Friday. It will most likely be snacks and a video. If you would like to contribute something that would be greatly appreciated!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Week 12 - November 20 - 24

Image result for comic strip about thanksgiving

I hope everyone is looking forward to the short week and a great Thanksgiving day. Please be safe and get plenty of rest!

Report Cards - These will come home on Tuesday, November 21. A note inadvertently was sent home last week when I had a sub. This came from Dawn Linden and explains the new report card format. Please refer to this when you look at the new forms.

PLPs - In the report card envelope you will find 2 copies of the personalized learning plans that were set during conferences. Please sign both and return 1 copy to me. We need to keep this on file at school. If you have any questions about this, let me know.

Math - Unit 3 has begun. You will get Unit 1 and Unit 2 math tests back this week. In Unit 3 we will be working on adding and subtracting fractions. Your child can practice working with fractions on Khan Academy.

Reading - Students should continue to be reading at least 30 minutes each night. They should be sure to read a variety of genres. In reading classes students are or will be working on non-fiction texts and understanding the various structures of these.

Camp - Thank you for sending your child to camp. I hope that they were able to tell you lots of positive stories about the things that they did. I have been trying to post a video that includes many of my pictures (I have lots!). If I can't figure that out I will just add pictures to the Class Picture link. Now that report cards are done I should have a little more time.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Week 8 - October 23 - 27

Image result for warm fall day comic

Conferences - Thank you to all of the parents who have attended conferences so far. I know it makes for a long day and I appreciate you coming in with your children, going over the goals that we've set, and helping set up plans for a successful year. I'm looking forward to meeting with the rest of the parents on Monday and Thursday of this week. Reminders were sent home on Friday. Please email if you did not receive yours.

Early Release - Wednesday, October 25 is another early release day for the students. They will not need to bring instruments on that day. School is dismissed at 1:29pm.

Friday, October 27 - The fifth grade classes will celebrate...

Image result for homecoming clipart
The fifth graders are allowed to dress up in their most outrageous get ups to celebrate homecoming for any school of their choice! At lunchtime each class will perform some type of class spirit presentation to show their school spirit. Winning class gets to have the trophy for the year. Hair coloring, face tattoos, and sports wear are welcome!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Week 7 - October 16 - 20

Image result for fall comicsI hope everyone got a chance to get out and enjoy some of the sunshine that finally came on Sunday. I know I had plenty of leaves in my yard by Sunday evening.

Student Council - Congratulations to everyone who ran for a position for student council. It takes a brave person to get up in front of the entire school and make a speech, stand up in front of everyone, or even get enough signatures to get on the ballet. We will be voting this week on a class representative as well as an alternate.

Camp - We will be making final plans for camp this week. You should have a packing list that was in the envelope. If you need another, please let me know.

Conferences- I will be starting conferences this week. They are Tuesday and Thursday. I will send home reminders in case you do not remember your time.

Substitutes - From time to time I will be out of the classroom for meetings or personal reasons. There is an expectation that your child will continue to behave in an appropriate manner with the sub. I will try to let parents know ahead of time when that will be the case. I have a meeting this Tuesday afternoon. It can often be helpful if parents can have a conversation with their child ahead of time about this.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Week 4 - September 25 - 29

Image result for comics about hot weather at school
We know it's going to be hot the first part of this week. Please be sure your child has a water bottle in order to keep hydrated. As you know we do not have air conditioning in most of our building. We will do what we can to keep cool. I have a couple of fans and we keep most of the lights off to feel cooler. Hopefully this will help us get through this short heat wave.

Reading class - All students will be starting with their reading teacher on Monday. On Friday the students were told which class they would go to. Your child should have a just right book to read every day. They should also be reading for 30 minutes every night. Every child has the opportunity to become a better reader and one way this is accomplished is by continuing to read daily.

Camp packets - You should have received the camp information packet. Please fill out all of the paperwork and return it by Friday, September 29th. If you can get it in sooner, that would be great! Check to be sure that you have filled out both sides of any papers that are double sided. Be sure you and your child have signed everywhere that is necessary. Let us know if you have any questions regarding camp.

Picture Day! Wednesday, September 27 is Picture Day. All students will have their picture taken, at least for the yearbook. Please be sure to fill out the order form or order online before Wednesday.

Image result for school picture day clipart

Early release day - Wednesday at 1:29pm - This is our first early release day. Your child will eat lunch at his or her regular lunch time. There is no child care on early release day afternoons.

Conferences - If you have not done so, please send in the paper letting me know when you can attend a conference next month. If none of the available times work for you, let me know and we will work something out.

Book Orders - Book orders were passed out on Friday. If your child would like to order books, please order online or send in to me by Friday, September 29th.

Thank you! Thanks to all of the families who have sent in snacks and disinfectant wipes. The students have been going through the snacks pretty quickly. If your child is able to pack a snack to eat in the afternoon, please remind them to do so.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Week 2 - September 11 - 15

Hopefully this week has not started off like this for you! I have two in middle school so I understand how this can be!

Curriculum Night - Tuesday, September 12 from 6:30 - 8pm. Please come and find out what will be going on this school year for your fifth grader.

NWEA Testing - We will test 3 different times this year. The first round is upon us. We will take the reading portion this Thursday in the afternoon. The math portion will be administered this Friday in the morning.

Homework - Students will have math homework most days of the week. They should also be sure to be reading 30 minutes every day. Please remind your child that it doesn't have to be 30 minutes in a row. If they have 10 or 15 minutes at some point and then can finish later that is fine.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Week 1 - September 4 - 8

Image result for beginning of school comic
Welcome to Mrs. Embry's class! 
I'm looking forward to this school year and the many things that we will be doing. I will use this blog to update you on the events that are going on in our classroom as well as the school. There are helpful links on the right side of this blog to connect you to different sites. Some of the sites are practice for math or social studies. There is also a link to the book orders if you would ever like to directly order instead of sending money or a check in to school. If there is anything that you would like to see added to the blog, let me know! I'm always looking for ways to make this more useful to families.

Curriculum Night - Tuesday, September 12 from 6:30 - 8pm. Meet in the cafeteria then come to the classroom to hear what happens in fifth grade this year.

Classroom needs - Some items were listed on the back to school letter that I sent home on the first day. All students should bring in a clean old sock to use as a white board eraser. If you would also like to donate Expo whiteboard cleaner that would be greatly appreciated!

I will be updating the "important dates" tab as well as adding pictures as soon as I get them in.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Last Week!! June 12 - 16

It's hard to believe this is the last week of school. Most of the kids are saying how quickly it has gone by. I have to agree with them!

Items due: Please be sure that your child has turned in or payed for all library books. I will be collecting social studies books, calculators, and templates on Tuesday. Your child will need to turn these items in or pay for them.

Field trips: All field trips are on as planned. The weather looks a bit dicey on Wednesday but we'll see what happens. If we need to, we will make a plan for an activity to do at school that day. I will not be going with the students to Rolling Hills on Monday due to meetings that I have to attend. Other fifth grade teachers will be there though.

Promotion ceremony: The ceremony will be at 2pm on Thursday. I will be out part of the morning on Thursday. My own daughter has her promotion ceremony that day.

Just in case this happens to you, here are a few options around town...

Ann Arbor District Library Summer Game: Use your Library this summer and earn points towards useful AADL stuff, all thanks to the Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library!

Ann Arbor Observer: for families, teens, and kids.

Association for Library Service to Children’s Summer Reading List

Morning Movies at Quality 16 Ann Arbor: Those belonging to the Frequent Moviegoer Rewards (FMG) will be able to see any movie in the series free-of-charge when they present their FMG card at the box office. Each member will get up to 6 free admissions with their FMG card per show. Non-members will be charged $1.00 per ticket. It's easy to become an FMG member for FREE.

Morning Movies at Rave/Cinemark  Here’s how it works:
Purchase a 10 movie pass in advance from your local box office or online for $5. (While supplies last.) If you don’t plan to go every week, you can also see individual movies for $1 each.

If you are interested in going a little out of town:

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week 37 - June 5 - 9

Related image
We have several field trips coming next week. The forms went home on Monday and it would help us out a lot if they could be signed and returned right away.

Rolling Hills - Monday, June 12
Students will need:
- a sack lunch
- swimsuit, towel, sunscreen
- quarters for the lockers (if they choose to use them); remember that they need a quarter every time they open it and need to lock it again
- money for the snack bar if they want anything from this
Click on the link below to see the water park location, features, etc.
Rolling Hills Water Park 

Dairy Queen - Tuesday, June 13
We will walk to Dairy Queen after lunch. Students should wear comfortable walking shoes and may bring sunscreen to apply before leaving. Students will be allowed to purchase one item. Although it can be tempting, I encourage the students not to get the largest items. As much as I love ice cream, walking back to school in the hot sun after eating a lot of ice cream does not always end well! Please let me know if you need assistance purchasing something for your child at DQ.

Buhr Pool - Wednesday, June 14
We will be walking to Buhr Pool. Students will need:
 - a sack lunch
- swimsuit, towel, sunscreen
- comfortable walking shoes, flip flops would not be appropriate
There are vending machines at Buhr Pool. Students can bring money to purchase items if they choose but they should not plan on this as a substitute for lunch.

Electronics morning - Thursday, June 15
Students may bring in electronics to play on Thursday morning after they have returned all items and cleaned their area. Students are responsible for anything that they bring in. Any games played must be school appropriate (no weapons, PG-13 or higher games, etc.).

Promotion ceremony - Thursday, June 15
The promotion ceremony will take place in the afternoon at 2pm. There will be a small reception in the gym afterwards. The ceremony will take place in the cafeteria and it gets very warm and crowded in there so be prepared! Many students will wear comfortable clothing in the morning and change into something nicer after lunch for the ceremony.

Please be sure your child has turned in all library books. All students were given a calculator, History Alive book, and template at the beginning of the year. These must be returned or paid for. We often find missing items when the room is cleaned at the end of the year.

Please check the lost and found by the office. There are many nice items there!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 35 - May 22- 26

NWEA reminder and change
This week is the NWEA math and reading testing window. We will take the math on Monday and the reading on Thursday. Reading was previously scheduled for Tuesday. Due to a meeting that has been scheduled for me I had to make a change. If this interferes with any appointments, your child will be able to take the test with another class. Just let me know.

Baby pictures
Please email a baby picture of your child for the end of the year slide show. We also need a current picture of your child. Toddler or younger tends to be the best. We like to guess who it is before we see the current one! You can send a digital copy that you have or scan and send that to me. The due date is June 1.

No School - Monday, May 29 - Memorial Day

Math - We are wrapping up Unit 7 and will take an end of unit test this week. It is hard to understand all of the testing that is required for the students this month (M-STEP, NWEA, benchmarking, SRI, and unit tests)! Please help them get plenty of rests and have snacks. They have been doing a fantastic job with all of this.

Snacks - The students have been enjoying fruit during the day as a snack. I try to bring in a bag of clementines but you can imagine that it goes quickly! If you would like to donate a bag of clementines/halos/cuties to the class, it would be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 30 - April 17 - April 21

Image result for comics about testing kids
M-STEP testing continues...

We are continuing to have the M-STEP testing this week. We are testing Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning. Please help your child by making sure they eat something in the morning and have a snack for our testing break. I have some snacks to share and am accepting any that you would like to donate!

4/18 - Math computer test (afternoon)
4/20 - Social Studies part 1 (morning)
4/25 - Math performance task (afternoon)
4/27 - Social Studies part 2 (morning)
5/22 - NWEA math (morning)
5/23 NWEA reading (morning)

Earth Day - 
We are celebrating Earth Day on Friday, April 21. Our class will be working in the front of the school deadheading perennials and pulling weeds from 1:30 - 2pm. If you have any garden gloves that you could send in with your child, please do so. We usually only have thin plastic gloves available.

Volunteer Appreciation Event
Join us this evening in the Child Care room at Pattengill from 6 - 7:30pm as we show our appreciation to the parents that have volunteered this year. We thank you for all that you do!

Spring Picture Day is Thursday, April 20th. You should have received a flyer about this.

International Festival - Thursday, April 27th at Bryant from 6:30 - 8pm. If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt, please click on the link.  International Festival T-shirt order

Friday, March 24, 2017

Week 27 - March 27 - 31

Image result for spring weather comicP
Please be sure your child is prepared for the weather. Our playground can get really muddy so a change of shoes or boots is a good idea.

Lost and found - Students were instructed to remove all items that belong to them from the classroom and hallway. There were many instruments, boots, shoes, snow pants, etc. Any items left behind today will be placed in the lost and found. Please look there if your child is missing anything.

Field trip/ Lunch with a loved one - Our field trip to the UM Museum of Art happens to fall on the same day as Lunch with a Loved One. We will leave for our trip around 10:30 and return around 12:30. The students will be eating lunch in the classroom. They can bring a sack lunch or pick up hot lunch from the cafeteria and bring it back to the classroom. If you wanted to come and eat lunch with your child you can join us in the classroom on that day.

M-STEP Prep - We will be doing preparation for the M-STEP in class. There is also a link on this blog where your child can read practice questions at home to be prepared. If they have experience with this, the test may feel less daunting. In the student planner there are lists, such as the Bill of Rights, that students could look over to begin thinking about the social studies portion.

Scarlett Middle School - On Friday, March 24 a principal from Scarlett Middle School came to speak with the students. They should have papers in their backpacks explaining the IB program at Scarlett and why you might want to choose to send your child there. If you are interested, I can send home a form for you to fill out. I've already sent a few home. Scarlett is school of choice.

WACKY WEEK - It's that time! The student council is putting on Wacky Week. Below is a schedule for the week:
Monday -  PJ/Small Stuffed Animal Day (no slippers allowed)
Tuesday - Twin Day
Wednesday - Sports Day (Yup, you can finally wear that hat in school!)
Thursday - 80's/Disco Day
Friday - Movie/Book Character Day

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 26 - March 20 - 24

Image result for first day of spring comicIt's hard to believe that the first day of spring is almost here. I was hearing the birds chirping as I was shoveling the snow last week. Let's hope that is the end of it!

Report cards - These went home last Monday. If you have not returned your envelope, please do so as soon as possible. I will need this for the end of the year report.

Math - Students will be starting Unit 6 in math. This unit covers measurement, and decimal multiplication and division. Please encourage your child to practice these concepts using Khan Academy or any other online program.

Food drive - We are in the midst of the Rotary Club Spring Canned Food Drive "Rotary Fights Summer Hunger!" It ends on Friday, March 24th, 2017. We need your help to FILL the boxes located near our main office. Please support our annual food drive.  Food collected during this food drives help ensure that our children grow healthy and strong.  The Rotary Club’s goal is to provide 75,000 meals throughout the summer.  We need your help! Food collected is available through Food Gatherers’ network.  Please contribute the following: tuna, canned meats, beans, chili, hearty soups and stews, canned fruit, baby food/formula, Ensure and other nutritional supplement drinks. To learn more about the Rotary Club, go online at  To learn more about Food Gathers, go to 

Snacks - I have had an unusual number of students requesting snacks from me daily. Your child is allowed to bring in a snack to eat in the morning or the afternoon. The students tend to be hungrier in the morning, it seems. If you would like to send in non-perishable snacks for the whole class I can keep these in my closet and have them available for students who need them. 

M-STEP testing - This testing for the fifth grade will begin April 10 and goes until May 5. When I am certain of our schedule I will send it out to families. 

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 24 - March 6 - 10

Image result for elementary school reading comicsRead-A-Thon - You should have received a read-a-thon packet with all of the information regarding this year's event. Please support your child in reading and filling out tickets to turn in. Students can read independently or read to a younger sibling to add to his or her time.

Math - Students are working on multiplying fraction using area models and algorithms. They will soon be working on dividing fractions. Khan Academy is a great place for your child to get extra practice and support.

Early release day - Wednesday, March 8th is an early release day for students and report writing afternoon for teachers. School is dismissed at 11:53am.

Tappan counselor visit - The counselor from Tappan Middle School will be coming to our school on Tuesday morning. Even if your child is not going to Tappan, he or she will learn a lot about middle school schedules and expectations. Please let me know if your child will not be attending Tappan.

Field Trips - Please be sure to turn in the field trip form for our music trip on March 15th. You will also see a form come home for an art field trip on March 30th. It is helpful if you can return those as soon as possible. The office staff has to make copies of all forms and make sure that they are filled out all of the way.

M-STEP practice - We will be practicing the M-STEP test in class over the next month. I have updated the M-STEP link on the right side of this page. Your child can practice this at home by choosing "grade 5" and choosing an area to practice. This will also give parents an opportunity to see what the test looks like.

Classroom needs - Paper towel and toilet paper rolls are needed for our science unit. We are continuing to study the human body systems.  We also need disinfecting wipes. We are trying to keep the classroom as clean and possible!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 23 - February 27 - March 3

Read-a-thon - We will be beginning the read-a-thon this Friday. We will have a parent coming into the classroom to explain how everything will run this year. A packet will be going home on Friday. Please be on the look out for this. In reading class we will be wrapping up Historical Fiction and moving on to Science Fiction soon.  

Image result for reading gif animation
March 8 - This is an early release day. Students will be dismissed at 11:53am. Report cards will go home March 13th.

Social Studies - We are beginning to study Colonial Williamsburg. A special thanks to Steven who lived in this area. He did a short power point presentation for the class about what it was like. The students are also working on creating maps of Africa. This is also part of our social studies unit.

Math - The students are moving on to working with fractions of a whole and fractions of fractions. Your child can continue to practice this work using the Connected Math website or Khan Academy.

Image result for fraction of a whole clip art
Winter Survival - This was a success! Thank you for being patient with the many changes. I was in the middle of posting pictures on the blog when my computer died. I am currently using a loaner computer and hoping to have mine back soon. I will get some pictures up then!

The weather - This continues to be a challenge. There is a lot of mud that ends up in the classroom due to the warm temperatures. Please send your child with an extra pair of shoes (or shoes if he or she is wearing boots). This will cut down on the mud in the room. I have put carpet outside of the classroom for the muddy shoes and boots to sit and dry.
Image result for muddy weather clip art

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 21 - February 12 - 16

Monday - N.A.A.P.I.D/ Parent Involvement Day - It was great to see the parents who were able to make it in for this day. We had a guest speaker for the parents at lunch and the talent show was performed in the afternoon.

Tuesday - Students will have an opportunity to share Valentine's Day cards and/or treats. We will be having a small break in work time to do this. Thank you to the families who have volunteered to contribute to this. We are all set with items being sent in.

Math - Unit 5 is underway. Students are working on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. They will be learning to find a fraction of a whole unit as well as a fraction of a fraction. This is a tricky unit and any extra practice will be helpful. Your child can continue to use Khan Academy to practice.

No School - Monday, February 20th - Presidents Day!

Image result for presidents day 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 20 - February 6 - 10

I hope everyone had a restful weekend!

Math - We are finishing up Unit 4 early this week. The Unit test will be on Wednesday of this week. It is important that your child is completing homework, classwork, and asking questions when he or she does not understand a new concept. Khan Academy is a great resource for students to practice what we are doing in class. They can also challenge themselves if they fully understand what we are doing. There is always opportunity to complete work on a 6th grade level covering the same concepts.

Reading - Students are now covering historical fiction in reading class. Please support your child in reading at least 30 minutes at night.

Science - We are in need of empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls. Please send these in as you acquire them. It will be much appreciated.

Winter Survival - As they say, the third time is the charm! We are still planning on going on Tuesday, February 21st. Please be sure to review your child's list before the date.

Count Day - This Wednesday, February 8 is count day. 

N.A.A.P.I.D. / Parent Involvement Day - Monday, February 13th is a day for parents to join us at school. You will have an opportunity to follow your child's schedule and enjoy time at the school. 

PATTENGILL EVENTS 2/13/17:  “Becoming Allies for Social Justice through commUNITY" Visit student classrooms during the day (Please sign in at the office for visitor pass) 

• 12:00-12:45 PM Luncheon and and Guest Speaker: Huda Essa, Founder, Consultant Culture Links, LLC. She is the author of Teach Us Your Name, resource guide of strategies and discussion points to highlight ideas for embracing Diversity and Inclusion. 

• 1:30-3:30 School Wide Assembly/ Talent Show

Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 18

Image result for rainy day comic

I'm hoping that we can be done with rainy weather soon!

Winter Survival - We are still holding out hope for Winter Survival this Wednesday. By now you should have seen your child's group list with the items that he or she needs to bring. Please be prepared for Wednesday, but also be flexible in case we have to change to another day due to inclement weather. The biggest concern in that the wood will be soaked and the fires will not start.

Math - We are working on Unit 4 which included decimals and coordinate grids. So far the students have been doing a great job on it. They can always work on additional problems using Khan Academy or playing games using the Connect Ed. All students have their own user names and passwords. They are taped in the front of the planner.

Science Fair - Students should be well underway with science fair projects. We should be getting project boards this week. The science fair is Wednesday, February 22. Boards and projects should be brought to school that morning. Students who need to work with their partner at school should be doing so by now. If this is a necessity, please ask your child if he or she has done that yet.

Reading - We are continuing to study myths and legends in reading class. All students should be reading for at least 30 minutes every night. Included in this could be reading aloud to a younger sibling or being read to by a parent at night!

NWEA - Our dates and times are: Tuesday, January 24 at 9am for math and Friday, January 27 at 1pm for reading. Please try to avoid scheduling appointments or being late on these dates. Testing is difficult for the kids at times and it can be stressful to be late or miss a test with the rest of the class.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 16 - January 9 - 13

Image result for new year's 2017 comics

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a safe, fun, and restful vacation. We are hitting the ground running with a lot going on now that we are back.

Winter Survival - By now your child should know what his or her group is bringing for winter survival and what they will need to help our the group. We are encouraging them to go beyond simple hot dogs for lunch. Creativity is encouraged but not required. We don't want anyone hungry by the end! Each group will need to gather wood, build a fire, cook their lunch, and put the fire out. There will be several environmentalists there to support the children in this work. Because of this, it is not necessary for us to have parent volunteers. If your child has not shared their group list with you, please ask them to do this right away. If you have any questions about the trip, what your child should bring, etc. you may email me and I will get back with you. The trip is from about 9:30 - 2:30 on Thursday, January 12.
Image result for cooking on the fire clip art
Math - We will be starting Unit 4. Students should continue to work on their multiplication  facts as well as Khan Academy.

Science Fair - All students should have chosen an experiment for their science fair project. The Science Fair will be at Pattengill on Wednesday, February 22 from 6:00 - 7:30pm. Students should bring in their completed experiments (including labeled boards) that morning. They will be set up in the gym for the fair. If your child needs time to work with a partner to complete the experiment, compile results, print out information, or anything else, they are welcome to stay in the classroom during lunch recess time to do this.

NWEA - We have a schedule for the winter round of NWEA testing. We will be taking the reading portion on Friday, January 20 at 1pm. We will be taking the math portion on Tuesday, January 24 at 9am. Please be sure your child has had plenty of rest, arrives to school on time, and does not have any appointments during this time if possible. They are both longer tests that can be stressful when not taken with the class or allowed to have enough time to complete with the class.